W5/26/2019 8:30:36 AM

Pennies For Heaven

S.O.S. (Support Our Seminarians)

The money raised for the Support Our Seminiarians (Pennies for Heaven) Campaign supports our seminarians and promotes
vocations. The total collected in your diocese is presented to your diocesan vocation office in July at
the TOUR meeting. Please pass the jug at Council meetings and activities! If you need labels for
your new jugs, send a request per email to eehouse@yahoo.com. Include the number of labels
needed and your mailing address.

download the 2018-2019 Support Our Seminiarians turn-in form

download the 2016-2017 support our seminiarians form - final report

  Robert F. Collins Jr.
  10181 Tracy Trail
  Parma, OH 44130-5210
  (216) 410-7174