Knights of Columbus

Installation Rite of Council Officers


Fr. Andrew H. Hohman Council 5253

St. Pius X, Reynoldsburg Ohio

 Notice:  This was used for Council 5253 in 2006 - Look for the Word document Template in the State folder

Knights of Columbus Installation Rite of Council Officers Word Document Link

The Following rite may take place at mass after the proclamation of the Gospel or as directed by the Chaplin.


The Chaplin is seated at the Chair.


The rite begins with the presentation of officers by the District Deputy or the retiring Grand Knight


District Deputy:

 Reverend Father, My Brother Knights, Ladies and Gentlemen, I bring you greetings from our Worthy State Deputy Gary Eckstein as his official representative, it is one of my happy duties and privileges to participate in the installation of new council officers of  Fr. Andrew H. Hohman Council 5253

We fully expect that the plans and actions of these men will enable and assist the council membership to serve their church and their fellowman, in an increasing accord, with the will of god.  Therefore, it is with great satisfaction that we anticipate, that each newly elected officer will augment their councilís already fine record of accomplishments and through his unselfish contribution will utilize his talents for the councils welfare.

            Reverend Father, my brothers and sister in the lord, it is my honor and pleasure to present the following members of this council for installation as officers of Fr. Hohman Council 5253

For Grand Knight: Brother Paul Yarger


You have been elected by your brothers to guide the destiny of your council during this fraternal year as its chief administrative officer.   Your duties will be many, perhaps at times tiring and difficult.  You are directly responsible for every aspect and segment of your councilís operation and for the ultimate success, which a council can and should enjoy.  Your brothers have demonstrated their confidence in your capable and outstanding leadership.  Remember that it is their cooperation that your past achievements have been made possible.  Continue to merit that cooperation by measuring all of your decisions in the light of what will be fair, just, and beneficial to them.   I hereby bestow upon you the title of Worthy Grand Knight.


For Deputy Grand Knight: Brother Steven (Dave) Baker


You have been elected as Deputy Grand Knight of your council.  In effect, you are the Grand Knightís right hand man who must be available and ready at all times to take his place. You must be ready to make decisions for him, when for any reason he is unable to exercise his responsibilities.  All Remarks I have address to him apply in substance, pertains equally well to you.  Make yourself valuable to your grand Knight as a close advisor and strong supporter.  Acquaint yourself with his plans and learn to think and act as one with him.   I hereby bestow upon you the title of Worthy Deputy Grand Knight.


For Chancellor: Brother Jerry Lowery II

Upon you falls the duty of wisely imparting to all members of our order the lessons which may well decide the comparative successes, with which they will exercise the responsibilities of their membership.  The office to which you have been elected is of vital importance and demands your utmost consideration.   I hereby bestow upon you the title of Worthy Chancellor.


For Financial Secretary: Brother Peter George

The responsibilities of administering the important financial affairs of your council are yours.  You are the direct link between your council and the supreme office.   Insure that your accounts are in order and that all funds are properly recorded.  You will work closely and cooperatively with the Grand Knight, Trustees, and the Treasurer of your council.  I hereby bestow upon you the title of Worthy Financial Secretary.


For Warden: Brother  Ron Kinietz

Whether the impressive and informative ceremonies of our order are as beautifully and significantly exemplified as they should be, will be decided by the manner in which you discharge your duties.  Maintain well the prescribed paraphernalia and prepare for your role as guide to the candidates, for membership in our order.   You will earn their gratitude as well as that of your brother Knights.   I hereby bestow upon you the title of Worthy Warden.


For Treasurer: Brother Gordon Burke

You have been elected treasurer, the person responsible for the funds of your council.  This fact bears silent witness to the excellent reputation, which is yours among your brothers.  It is a testimony to your honesty, accuracy, and integrity all virtues you will need to exercise to the fullest and you will warrant your brotherís confidence.  I hereby bestow upon you the title of Worthy Treasurer.


For Recorder: Brother Steve McClellan

You are assigned the important task of maintaining a full and accurate account of all the councils meetings and actions.   Such records are immensely valuable for both practical and historical reasons.  Discharge your duties well and your will be justly respected now and into your councilís future.    I hereby bestow upon you the title of Worthy Recorder.


For Advocate: Brother Walter Lee Brock

Your election into the office of Advocate implies your abilities to represent brother knights in all fraternal legal affairs.  Where your council may be involved, bear in mind always that while your inclinations will always tend to favor your council, you first allegiance is to your order and its laws.    I hereby bestow upon you the title of Worthy Advocate.


For Trustees Year 1: Brother Todd Mislan

        Trustees Year 2: Brother Shawn Ansbro

        Trustees Year 3: Brother Jerry L. Lowery Sr.

The Importance of your office and function cannot be overestimated. As guardians of your councilís funds, you must insure that your councilís financial status remains in a sound and healthy condition and that the vitally important semi-annual audits of the councilís finances are made promptly after each January 1st and June 30th.   I hereby bestow upon you the title of Council Trustees.


For Inside Guard: Brother John Zacovic

For Outside Guard: Brother Phil Siedlecki


As Guards, upon you rest the responsibility of maintaining the order and security, punctuality, faithful attendance, and strict care in the admission of only qualified individuals to confidential council affairs. By doing so, you will be assured your brotherís respect.  I hereby bestow upon you the title of Worthy Guards.


(After the officers have been presented to the District Deputy the Chaplain or Celebrant addresses the assembly in these words of introduction. The Chaplin should be seated at his chair.)



My Brothers and Sisters in Christ Jesus: At Baptism we were given the role of leading others to the Lord Jesus.  By our complete initiation into the people of God through confirmation, we accepted the mission of our church to help build the kingdom of God, we have gathered here this evening to celebrate our baptismal and confirmation covenants, by recognizing these men who have accepted leadership roles within Fr. Hohman Council 5253 Knights of Columbus.  Because it is our covenants with God and his church which we celebrate, it is most fitting that we begin by renewing our baptismal promises with these newly elected officers.


Please Stand: (priest standing addresses the assembly in the following manner.)


Do you reject Satan and all his empty promises?  (R)  I do.

Do you believe in God the father almighty, creator of heaven and earth? (R)  I do.

Do you believe in Christ Jesus, his only son, our Lord, who was born of the Virgin Mary, was crucified, died, and was buried, rose from the dead and is now seated at the right hand of our father? (R) I do.

Do you believe in the Holy Catholic Church, the Communion of Saints, the forgiveness of sins, the resurrection of the body, and life everlasting? (R) I do.


Chaplin: (With hands extended out over the assembly the Chaplin continues.)

God, the all powerful, father has given us a new identity by water and the Holy Spirit.  He has made a chosen, holy people destined to build the promised kingdom.  May he keep us faithful, to our Lord and Master, Jesus Christ. (R) Amen.


Please be seated: (Chaplin addresses those to be installed with the following).


Do you promise to do you best to lead the Knights of Columbus, and your council to a stronger faith, a deeper hope, and a more intense love for God, one another, our parish, our community, and the world in which we live?  (R)  I Do.

And finally, do you promise, to the best of your abilities, to be living signs of unity within the Knights of Columbus? (R) I do.


District Deputy: (Presents jewels of office to father to present to each officer present.)

Holy people of God, These men have publicly declared their intentions to give the Knights of Columbus their best in their appropriate leadership roles.


District Deputy: (Before last blessing.)

Accepting your promises as given in good faith, I now declare that you are truly installed in your offices and authorized to conduct the business of Fr. Hohman Council 5253 and our order until such time as you have been legally succeeded at the end of your term of office.


Reverend Father, Worthy Officers, My Brother Knights, ladies and gentleman:

Manís inspiration, his strength in times of stress, his encouragement to the perfect performance of his duties, is his family.  We acknowledge and are grateful for their sacrifices.  We appreciate your cooperation, understanding, support, and inspirations, which will be real assistance to these men, whose responsibility will be to conduct programs for the welfare of their brothers and which will claim hours that might otherwise be devoted to their loving families.  In so doing, an officer or member of the Knights of Columbus is not lessening his love of family, but is including the family in his devotion to his fraternity, as well as to the welfare of his fellowmen and society as a whole.


Reverend Father, will you invoke the blessing of the Lord upon these men who will serve as officers of Fr. Hohman Council 5253 and upon all here present who will be their close companions in the great work of the Knights of Columbus?


Please stand to the Audience


Chaplin: (Rises)

In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and the Holy Spirit.  Holy Father, we thank you for all the graces which you have bestowed upon us.  We thank you for the spirit of cooperation which reigned here, for the inspiration which you have placed in the hearts of these men today.  We humbly beg, that you will find merit in the endeavors of our newly-elected officers and in the efforts of those brother Knights who will labor long and unselfishly under the banner of the Knights of Columbus and under the leadership of the men who have accepted the responsibilities of that leadership we as this in your sonís name, who lives and reigns with you now and for ever, Amen.


My brother and sisters let us now show our support of these newly elected officers of the Knights of Columbus.