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Program Directors Letter

The “Light of Ohio” State General Program is intended to help you as the leader of your Council to not only develop an exciting environment where your members can be proud to be a part of, but  to also aid you in your quest to achieve the Supreme “Star Council” award as well.  The “Light of Ohio” State General Program is based on councils doing 4 Service Activities in each of the 6 Program Areas, completing Administrative Requirements, and achieving Membership Quotas,  just as in the Supreme “Star Council “ Award criteria.


The program will run from July 1st through April 15th with 5 reporting periods

July – August

September – October

November – December

January – February

March – April 15.

 Councils are asked to submit only 2 reports in each Program area per reporting period. 

 Reports should be submitted online through the State Website at www.kofcohio.org

 Reports should be submitted in the report period in which they occurred, but will be accepted 1 period after.  We encourage councils to do activities all year long, not just during the Program year between July 1st and April 15th.  Therefore, any activity done by a council after April 15th may be submitted during the March - April 15 reporting period.  Just give the appropriate Program Director your council’s plans for doing this activity.

Councils who do any of the eight Supreme “Featured” programs and meet the minimum requirements for that program will get 100 points towards that program area and will “Max” that program area by doing only that one activity, instead of doing four activities in that program area.   The eight Supreme “Featured” programs are: RSVP, Habitat for Humanity, Wheel Chair Initiative, Special Olympics, March for Life, Ultrasound Initiative, Food for Families, and Coats for Kids. 

 Councils are not required to meet the Supreme minimum requirements to do any of these activities and claim it in the “Light of Ohio” State Program.  If the Supreme minimum requirements are not met, only 25 points will be awarded for the activity, and 3 additional activities will be required for a council to “Max” the Program Area.  Your State Reporting Directors in any of the six program areas will be glad to give your council additional assistance with these featured programs.

You will notice that ‘Nominees of the Year” are not part of the Council Activities portion of the State Program.   Councils will continue to select and submit the Nominees of the Year in all of the regular categories to the appropriate Service Program Directors.  However, the Nominee of the Year submission will be part of the Administrative Program (Part 2).  Also included in the Administrative Program are the various state fundraisers and council contributions to state sponsored charities such as the State Charity Campaign & Matching Funds.

Councils will be recognized for their efforts and contributions at the State Convention in May.  Instead of a “Top Ten”, we will recognize the “Top Twenty-Five” councils in the State.  The Top Five councils in each of the 5 membership divisions of the state will be given awards.  In order to be considered for a top division winner, councils must “Max” parts 1, 2, &3, and then be ranked by percentage above the Supreme Membership Quota as of May 1st.  Additional tiebreakers will include the number of late reports and the number of “Optional” Administrative Reports submitted in part 2.

A new award in this State Program will be an award for “Best Program Reports”.  These awards will be given to a council based on the overall quality of all activities reported in each program reporting area as well as the overall quality of the details and information given by the Grand Knight and/ or Program Activity Director.  This award will be given to a council in each of the 5 divisions in the 7 reporting areas.

Our “Light of Ohio” Program Directors are proven leaders of their own councils and are very experienced at conducting programs and activities.  They have been quite successful in generating interest in and keeping their membership involved.  Our team of Directors has brought that knowledge and experience to this State Program and has built that into the “Light of Ohio” State Program.  It is our desire that your participation in this State Program will bring to all brother Knights in the State of Ohio that ‘Light of Christ” which will shine out visibly from all of us.



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