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Program Directors Letter

We’re starting the second period of the “Light of Ohio”

General Program!  Where did the time go?

By now, councils should have a rough draft of the program activities that they plan on doing this fraternal year.  If you are following the “Light of Ohio” guidelines, then each of your 6 program areas should have at least four activities penciled in.  This will put your council well on its way to achieve “Star Council” this year.

Please do not overlook completing a Membership action Plan for your council.  A fill able PDF form can be found on the front page of the State Website under the Membership Crusade section.  This should be submitted by September 30th.  Even though this is an optional requirement under the Administrative section of the State Program, submission of this plan will aid your council in developing a viable plan to help you achieve your membership quota for this fraternal year, which puts you another step closer to achieving “Star Council”.  Your submission of this membership plan also helps your council in any tiebreaker situations for top council awards.

 Remember that we really urge each council to report ONLY TWO activities in the each reporting area per reporting period. There have been some council’s that have reported their four reports already.  We are thrilled that your council is doing this many events and activities.  It’s great to see you keeping your membership involved.  But, this IS NOT the right way to successfully complete the year-long General Program. Are these councils telling us that they are done with the rest of the year? That they will not do anymore activities because they are done with the reports? How does a council promote the principles of the K of C without doing any activities through-out the entire year?  This also puts your Program Director in a difficult spot when grading reports. 

Brothers, this is an easy General Program. To keep it a fair program, it is important that each council abide by the same reporting guidelines. So I again ask all councils to stay within the guidelines of two activity steps per period per reporting area. If you don’t understand or have questions ...CALL ME PLEASE 330-427-9874.

 Now is the time to get your Matching Funds check in. this is a mandatory requirement under the Administrative Program. You can download the form from the State website.  It can be found under the Matching Funds section.

Send your check into State Advocate Bob Byers. This supports the Religious Education Office in your Diocese.

 Remember to pass the JUG around at all council meetings and events. This is used for vocation in your diocese. Plan some other council activities besides the “JUG” to raise money for you Pennies For Heaven program. Have the parishioners get involved with this activity as well.

Not on the list for State Pro-life Director Gary Anderson’s group email messages?

It is very easy:

You can call Gary at 614-402-3842 Cell; 614-895-2588 Home;

OR email him at GaryAnderson5656@yahoo.com and give him your email address. If he cannot pick up when you call him, leave your name and email address on his voice mail and ask him to add it to his list. These monthly email messages are very informative and popular. Don’t miss out!


Keep thinking about “STAR COUNCIL”



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